Suying Metropolitan Studio was founded in 1999 and has since established itself as one of Singapore’s leading interior architectural design firms with a global footprint in 11 countries across three continents. Sculptured on the principles of diversity and the ability to capture the relevance between design, philosophy, form and function, Suying’s works encapsulate the elements of style and understated elegance, a philosophy that is deeply rooted in the firm’s name. ‘Su’ means ‘comfort’ in Chinese, while ‘Ying’ means ‘intelligence’. The firm holds steadfast that they design from both perspectives, where neither is sacrificed to make way for the other; going hand-in-hand like Yin and Yang.


Suying strategically integrates the skills of architects and interior designers to offer their discerning clients a unique architectural interior, characterized by intricate detailing, an immaculate finish and originality. Each creation is inspiring and unique in itself, displaying a strong sense of each client’s personal style.


Over the years, the firm has undertaken numerous projects ranging from private residences to condominiums and commercial complexes spanning Hong Kong, mainland China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany and the United States. Helmed by Patty Mak and bolstered by partners Edmund Ng, Anita Chiu and Associate Director Lucien Chong, the core team boasts an architectural and interior design experience of over a century. Each dynamic individual brings their unique sense of style, identity and expertise to the firm and to their global network of clients.


Developed by

Developer: Coral Edge Development Pte Ltd | Licence No.: C1090 | Location: Lot 2558X Mukim 21 Punggol Field Walk/Punggol East | Tenure: 99 years commencing from 11 March 2013

Expected Date of Vacant Possession: 31 March 2017 | Date of Legal Completion: 31 March 2020 | BP No.: A1378-01229-2013 BP01